The Lord’s coming – C.H. Mackintosh



The attentive reader of the New Testament will find in its pages three solemn and weighty facts presented to his view; namely, first, that the Son of God has come into this world and gone away; secondly, that the Holy Ghost has come down to this earth, and is here still; and, thirdly, that the Lord Jesus is coming again.
These are the three great subject unfolded in the New Testament Scriptures; and we shall find that each o them has a double bearing: it has a bearing upon the world, as a whole, and upon each unconverted man, woman , and child in particular; upon the Church, as a whole, and upon each individual member thereof, in particular. It is impossible for any one to avoid the bearing of these three grand facts upon his own personal condition and future destiny.

Pages: 135
Binding: paperback
Publisher: Chapter Two